Monday, October 25, 2010

Week 3 - Light

The Assignment: Take a photo of a specific object using a variety of preset white balance options and then set a custom white balance and shoot using that.

All photos shot at ISO 800, f/5.6, using my 18-55mm lens at 32mm

Auto WB

Tungsten WB (On my D50, it's labeled as "Incandescent")

Flourescent WB

Custom WB (Created by shooting a piece of white paper and setting it based on that image)

For me, the interesting thing is how close the flourescent and custom white balances are... the light fixture in my dining room (where I shot these) has CFL bulbs in it; I'm going to reshoot this tomorrow in my living room to see if I get different results.

In thinking more about these, I decided that maybe it's weird because the pumpkin isn't a bright white, it's more a pale beige... so I reshot, using a white Apple mug I have. The results:
Auto WB

Incandescent WB

Flourescent WB

Custom WB

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  1. Very cool Liz! I hope you teach me a lot! Is that your reflection in the little vase?