Monday, January 3, 2011

I Heart Faces - My Favorite Face(s) of 2010

My favorite photo of 2010.
I didn't have to think very long about this, and I'm a little surprised I didn't choose a picture of Max, but this picture makes me smile so much, every time I look at it!
Both parts of this couple have been friends of mine since high school, and we've already decided that my Max will marry (or at least go to prom with!) their little girl.
I had so much fun shooting a bunch of pictures for their Christmas card, but this one just thrills me.
Technically, it's really excellent for me; since I've only been really working on my skills for a couple of months, a capture like this is rare, and it came out exactly how I was envisioning it, so that's exciting for me!
Emotionally, I just love everything about it... Daddy's adoring look at his baby girl, mama giving me one of those laughing smiles that are my most favorite thing.

Thanks for looking!

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  1. It's great how happy they all are, and how happy the photo makes you! And thanks for following my blog :); hope you don't mind if I follow yours, too!