Friday, February 11, 2011

Fix-It Friday #86*

*It's #86 according to the IHF website; this is the first week I've participated!

Edited in Photoshop CS3
  • Opened in ACR and made adjustments there (lightened exposure a bit, reduced the red)
  • Cropped and added some background to the left edge.
  • Curves and Contrast adjustment layers
  • Added heart background texture (Found here on Flickr)
  • Added parchment texture at low opacity, masked to clear her face
  • Duplicated background layer and desaturated it, reduced opacity then masked everything but her hat, to bring back some detail.
  • Sharpened for web
Here is the original image; it's not my shot, I only did the edit as part of I Heart Faces Fix-It Friday challenge. Copyright on the image belongs to the original photographer.

Want to see more great submissions? Head on over to I Heart Faces and check them out!


  1. Wow! Love the background! Great edit!

  2. Love what you did with the background!

  3. very nice... the background makes her eyes pop...i am now your newest follower..

  4. Very cute . the background makes the eyes pop. I am now your newest follower..

  5. Looks great! The background is really creative. Nice edit!

  6. Love that you can still see the wispy hairs even though you changed the background. Great job!