Sunday, November 7, 2010

"Around and Around"

Image shot at f/4.5, ISO 1600 18-70mm @ 35mm
I had some trouble with this challenge prompt; I had lots of ideas, and no realistic ways to execute them. I wanted a spinning record, but have no record player. I wanted something at the end of a string, caught in motion, shot as a long exposure, but I have no tripod and no willing model/assistant to do the spinning for me... Lots of ideas, but nothing concrete enough to actually set up and shoot.
We woke up to pouring down rain this morning (as I mentioned in my previous post) so Jamie decided to make a big batch of chili for this week; as I was helping him straighten up the kitchen (he's an amazing cook but makes SUCH a mess! LOL) I was noticing all the empty cans and the pot and thought "Hey! These are all round!" so he helped me set up the shot. How did he help me, you ask? Well, we have a microwave over our range, so I couldn't get the camera right where I wanted it, at the angle I wanted. He went and borrowed our downstairs bathroom mirror! Check out the pullback:

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