Monday, November 29, 2010

I Heart Faces - Scenic B&W

Image shot at f/8, ISO 800, 35mm

This week's challenge, a black and white scenic shot, gave me some trouble! We've got lots of scenery around here, but so much of it is based on color! (Golden Gate Bridge, anyone? LOL)
I took Max to a nearby state park/working farm, Ardenwood, and we explored the paths and kept our fingers crossed that it wouldn't rain on us too much! He kept taking off like this to explore... "Come on Mommy! It's an adventure!" and I just had to snap a few like this, as he heads off into the "unknown"

This photo is my submission to this week's I Heart Faces challenge. Want to see more amazing photos? Click here:


  1. He he! He looks like he's on a mission! What a nice picture.

  2. I really like shots of the back sides of people. I have so many myself I nicked named my self the backside photographer for a while!

  3. Sweet shot! Great composition. I want to go with him on that adventure!

  4. don't ya love how brave and independent little ones are, we should be more like that as adults ;-) what a fabulous shot!

  5. I can feel the color in this black and white photo!!! Great job!